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Mark ‘ennovy. Contact lenses and patient management

Optometrist (OO) Contact lens optician (CLO)


Jim Dickson
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This peer review presents three patient cases where contact lenses are to be discussed. 2 patients are interested in alternative refractive correction to spectacles and the third patient is a current contact lens wearer looking for an alternative option

Case 1: 27-year-old female, high astigmatism who is dissatisfied with the cosmetic appearance of their spectacles. Interested in contact lenses. This case will require discussion on which lens type are available for patients with high astigmatism and considerations around compliance, patient communication and record keeping.

Case 2: 59-year-old male presbyope. Non-tolerant to varifocal spectacles and frustrated with using multiple pairs. Considering alternative refractive correction including laser surgery. This case will require a discussion on contact lens solutions available to the patient, how the benefits and limitations may be discussed and placed alongside other corrective options.

Case 3: 55-year-old hyperopic presbyope, currently wearing daily disposable multifocal contact lenses but concerned about the environmental impact and looking for a sustainable option. This case will require a discussion on what environmentally friendly contact lens options are available for this patient, how this may be discussed, and the pros and cons considered and discussed with the patient. For each case the delegates will be asked to consider the refractive requirements of the patient in conjunction with lifestyle and patient preference, how this would be managed and recorded to enable a safe and satisfactory contact lens solution to be achieved.