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Emergency Eye care Escape Rooms

Optometrist (OO), CLO (CLO), IP

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Dr Keyur Patel
Alan Hawrami
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A discussion workshop in the format of ‘Escape Room’ to encourage attendees to discuss, diagnose and manage 5 cases that may present in primary care

The registrant views images of clinical symptoms and makes diagnostic and management decisions.

Understand therapeutic interventions available to clinicians in the management for ocular emergency scenarios presented to them, and to be able to determine their own levels of competence and refer onwards when necessary. This will include indications, contraindications, therapeutic and non-therapeutic interventions from OTC lubricants, Topical and Oral medicines, depending on the presentation.

Understand the clinical investigations required for eye care emergencies that present in clinical practice, and how to use this information to provide non-therapeutic and therapeutic interventions for their patients

Communicate effectively with patients about the nature of condition that they have presented with, the long and short term management. They should also understand and be able to provide valid consent for treatments and interventions recommended.